You can be anything you want

So the old story goes, you can be anything you want to be. So what happens when you have no idea of what you want to be or the list of things you want to do with your life is seemingly endless.

Do you choose the fastest or slowest to accomplish, the one which is experience rich or money rich, or the one which does the most for others vs yourself.

You could just scrap the list and sit about thinking which one you should do first. The reality however would mean that you are a “I wanna”. In order to achieve your goals you not only have to pick one to go first but you need to take the first step. The first step in anything in life is always the hardest. By putting yourself out there you have to risk feeling like you have failed if you don’t succeed.

Wrong. Just because you failed in your attempt in achieving your goals doesn’t mean you have really failed as a person. There are lessons to learn in every failure.

You now know what doesn’t work, tweak it and try again. Countless numbers of the most famous discoveries were chanced upon by hypothetical failure.

There is a wealth of learning to be gained by being ” wrong” and there is no better reward than the success that you feel after working really hard on a project to make it work.

So how do you pick where to start, do you want fast gratification or slow burn success. Which one you do first depends on your resources available at the time. Do your projects require you to have additional skills? List them so they build on each other. Choose the ones that enable you to spend energy on your family and work commitments as well. Who knows if you get really good at your project, it may turn into your job one day.


So how did you choose where to start?


crossword world

Why is the sky blue

The grass green green

The earth brown

The moon white

The sun yellow

Poppies red

Or is color just an illusion and everything’s reallybjust painted black and white

Like a crossword puzzle never finished

Always growing bigger as the world becomes a smaller place

But only time decreased not distance

And as new building’s appear

The reality of a huge black and white world

A crossword puzzle

Dawns on the gray horizon

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures you know those things we like to you but we darent tell anyone about them in case they laugh. Why are we feeling bad about them anyway. Tiny Buddha’s list of ten ways to help you enjoy more, shows you how to indulge in you guilty pleasures on a regular basis and not feel guilty at all. You can read the article here.u I love 2. Spicing up boring jobs, and 4. Giggle. These are 2 things I do on a daily basis. Thank goodness no one watches me do the dishes.


Dancing while cleaning and doing the dishes. Nothing makes the job faster than being silly doing it.

Giggling, I could probably sit in the corner giggling at random things for most of my life. Thankfully for everyone who is in it, I don’t

Canadian TV, I know I don’t live anywhere near there but I love to watch episodes of Republic of Doyle, Orphan Black, and Rookie Blue. If only i could figure out how to watch Murdoch Mysteries then it would make the list too. Guaranteed to put me in a happier mood.

Chocolate, needs no explanation

Walking in the rain, not when its pouring , but when its fine misty rain. I love the silence, walking. I do my best thinking when I’m walking.

Just before dusk. My favourite time of day. It looks sortavlight twilight zone.

So what are your guilty pleasures?



Ice cream has been the flavor of the day. Ever since I put the brand new tub in the frezzer it has been calling the kids names What is it about ice cream that draws them in, even in winter?

Even I don’t know. Actually I don’t know a lot but your more than welcome to join me on a journey, think epic Lord of the rings trilogy/ Lost to try and figure out how to mend a broken soul.

Can souls even be broken? Is it possible to see too much, too young?

Maybe by the end of the journey we will find out what was missing, the lost piece of the puzzle.