Mind mapping – an instructionalicious guide

Mindmapping the lunch breath kind of way. Why? Because I needed a laugh.

The Awesome Science of Mindmapping


Stop Beating Yourself Up


It has been said that I only worry about other people and not myself. Well that’s not really true. I worry on the inside. In fact I was so worried this past weekend that I barely ate and slept for 72 hours. Was it worth it? Should I have been worrying in the first place. NO, one petrifying phone call later, ( I was literally curled up in a blanket making it) I found out that I shouldn’t have been worrying in the first place. I had done nothing wrong. So how do you eliminate worry?

After my petrifying non disaster phone call I began to spring clean my house, I’ve been putting it off for ages never finding the time. Getting rid of stuff is a great way to start worrying less.

Secondly write a list of things you worry about. Notice which ones you can fix, get them thingsas soon as possible. These ones include a tidy house.

Next notice the things you don’t have control over. Is it going to rain for that picnic on the weekend. We can’t control whether it happens or not so why worry. Sometimes we can’t control everything in our lives and that’s okay.

Lastly the thing we worry over that need longterm preparation to work through them. They are neither fast to solve or something we can’t control. I hate driving. I’m scared to death of it. I sit in the drivers seat and break out into a cold sweat, my heart starts thumping a million miles an hour and vi feel like I’m going to pass out.

Why, because I was told that if I ever drove I would kill someone. Now I’ve had driving lessons and have been told I’m a great driver, cautious and need a bit more confidence, but not someone you wouldn’t want to share the road with. But I worry about ever having to drive on a daily basis. And we all have that thing we worry about but can’t seem to fix.

You know what I think? I left it too long to get back into the saddle after being put down. And now I’ve build it up into this massive big hurdle in my mind that I just can’t seem to get past. So those tricky worries on your list? Try and knock them on the head as soon as you can. Don’t let them build for years like me, they will eat you alive. Oh and if you have any ideas to make me brave enough to drive, I’m all ears.

6 Ways To Get Your Motivation Firing

Motivation, we all lack it at some stage. Thankfully there are steps that we can take to get our motivation back into top gear.

1. Stay positive – look on the bright side, developing a glass is half full attitude will help you feel more motivated.

2. Create goals. Proper goals that get written down

3. Visualize success. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Keep your mind on the end goal and work hard. You will get there.

4. Keep good company. Your are the sum of the top 5 people you interact with. Invest in the relationships which make you feel more motivated and inspired to do great things with your life.

5. Track your success. Take note of the little successes along the way. They are achievements as well, no matter how little they are.

6. Remember why. Why did you want to do it in the first place?

Here is a Infographic from virtuallinda.com which shows the steps in more detail.


6 Steps to Ultimate Motivation [INFOGRAPHIC]


29 surefire ways to stay creative


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein

Creativity gives us the ability to take normal ideas and situations and change them into wonderful experiences and new inventions. We all gained the ability to be curious as children and nurturing this talent as adults in a more controlled environment can have great results on our ability to achieve success. Below is an infographic from the lovely site Creattica (sadly moved on to bigger things) on 29 ways to stay creative in busy world.


29 ways to stay creative

29 ways to stay creative

120 Must follow twitter accounts for inspiration

Inspiration, we all need it in our lives on a daily basis. Below are some lists of my favorite inspirational people on twitter. Reading their tweets makes me feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind too.


 Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird, it cannot fly. Langston Hughes


My personal favorite list of inspirational tweeters has to be youngupstarts 100 most inspiring people on twitter. This list is sorted into sections including religion, change, motivation, inspiration and happy people. Definitely something there for everyone

The next web.com has produced a beautiful list of 10 educational and inspirational twitter users to follow. They range from NASA to improving your vocabulary.

Make use of.com has made a list of twitter users that will help anyone still struggling to achieve their new years resolutions.



How to sell yourself without getting naked

If your anything like me the idea of talking yourself up or selling yourself makes you want to run away. Its not the talking bit that is the problem, in fact I could probably sell the good points of anyone else for a job and they would at least get an interview.

Its really hard for people to see their good points, the qualities that others naturally assume they already know about. We are programmed to look at our weaknesses first, we critique ourselves on a constant basis but when asked to list four good points a lot of people struggle. Take a minute and define yourself positively in a sentence, is it hard? Its like that dreaded “what’s your favorite body part question”.Unless your super body confident, and that’s awesome, its a question that people struggle to answer positively.

So how can you sell yourself to people, especially when you don’t have the benefit of face to face interaction.

Firstly you need to know who you are

What are your strengths, weaknesses and skills that you are awesome at. Everyone has traits that make them great at something. If you struggle to answer these questions ask friends, family or coworkers to answer them for you. You may find things out about yourself that you didn’t think about.

Irene Leonard has written a wonderful article about self promotion on her site. You can find it here. She explains how to nurture the confidence in yourself to gain the ability to confidentially promote oneself.

What do you struggle at when you have to promote yourself? Or do you have any advice on how to make it easier for people. Please comment below.

5 toxic thoughts that are consuming you right now

Don’t feed your mind with negative thoughts. If you do, you will come to believe them. Catherine Pulsifer


Nothing is a greater killer of the mind than toxic thoughts. We are for the most part our own worst enemies.

1. The grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe its like the sign saying wet paint by the park bench, we always have to check to make sure. Guess what the grass on the other side is greener, because your paying so much attention to it that for forgot to pay attention to you own grass. Just because something looks better doesn’t mean it is, everything has its own problems no matter how green it looks.

2. Starting tomorrow, or even worse on Monday. What’s so special about Monday. If you really want to get something done start today. By putting of tasks until tomorrow, which never comes you will never get anything done, your brain will simply go into excuse overdrive

3. Its too much. Its never too late to be a better version of yourself. Have a look at the 80 year olds doing university degrees. No matter what has come before in your life, you can always improve, do better and change. Age and life experience solely help you to persevere more deeply.

4. What I want to do isint good enough. Probably the worst negative self talk is the not good enough kind. People are so scared of perceived failure and/or putting themselves out there that they would rather keep their ideas inside. Your ideas are probably brilliant, speak up.

5. Needing someone else to make you happy. If your not happy within yourself, a significant other will not make you happy. You need to learn how to make yourself happy instead on relying on everyone else to make you happy within yourself. This is obviously different if you just need cheering up, but if you can’t live with yourself happily you can’t live with others happily either.