How to sell yourself without getting naked

If your anything like me the idea of talking yourself up or selling yourself makes you want to run away. Its not the talking bit that is the problem, in fact I could probably sell the good points of anyone else for a job and they would at least get an interview.

Its really hard for people to see their good points, the qualities that others naturally assume they already know about. We are programmed to look at our weaknesses first, we critique ourselves on a constant basis but when asked to list four good points a lot of people struggle. Take a minute and define yourself positively in a sentence, is it hard? Its like that dreaded “what’s your favorite body part question”.Unless your super body confident, and that’s awesome, its a question that people struggle to answer positively.

So how can you sell yourself to people, especially when you don’t have the benefit of face to face interaction.

Firstly you need to know who you are

What are your strengths, weaknesses and skills that you are awesome at. Everyone has traits that make them great at something. If you struggle to answer these questions ask friends, family or coworkers to answer them for you. You may find things out about yourself that you didn’t think about.

Irene Leonard has written a wonderful article about self promotion on her site. You can find it here. She explains how to nurture the confidence in yourself to gain the ability to confidentially promote oneself.

What do you struggle at when you have to promote yourself? Or do you have any advice on how to make it easier for people. Please comment below.


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