6 Ways To Get Your Motivation Firing

Motivation, we all lack it at some stage. Thankfully there are steps that we can take to get our motivation back into top gear.

1. Stay positive – look on the bright side, developing a glass is half full attitude will help you feel more motivated.

2. Create goals. Proper goals that get written down

3. Visualize success. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Keep your mind on the end goal and work hard. You will get there.

4. Keep good company. Your are the sum of the top 5 people you interact with. Invest in the relationships which make you feel more motivated and inspired to do great things with your life.

5. Track your success. Take note of the little successes along the way. They are achievements as well, no matter how little they are.

6. Remember why. Why did you want to do it in the first place?

Here is a Infographic from virtuallinda.com which shows the steps in more detail.


6 Steps to Ultimate Motivation [INFOGRAPHIC]



29 surefire ways to stay creative


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein

Creativity gives us the ability to take normal ideas and situations and change them into wonderful experiences and new inventions. We all gained the ability to be curious as children and nurturing this talent as adults in a more controlled environment can have great results on our ability to achieve success. Below is an infographic from the lovely site Creattica (sadly moved on to bigger things) on 29 ways to stay creative in busy world.


29 ways to stay creative

29 ways to stay creative

120 Must follow twitter accounts for inspiration

Inspiration, we all need it in our lives on a daily basis. Below are some lists of my favorite inspirational people on twitter. Reading their tweets makes me feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind too.


 Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird, it cannot fly. Langston Hughes


My personal favorite list of inspirational tweeters has to be youngupstarts 100 most inspiring people on twitter. This list is sorted into sections including religion, change, motivation, inspiration and happy people. Definitely something there for everyone

The next web.com has produced a beautiful list of 10 educational and inspirational twitter users to follow. They range from NASA to improving your vocabulary.

Make use of.com has made a list of twitter users that will help anyone still struggling to achieve their new years resolutions.